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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Khem Secrets of the Pyramids

Gold Tablets of Atlanteans/Khem Secrets of the Pyramids

Secrets of the Pyramids

Rejoice, children of God! You are granted the happiness — to love!

Cognize the Love and Wisdom of God — and you will get His Power to Create!

Invite God into your life — and the Omnipresent Primal will appear Himself!

Learn His touches, His guiding Hand, His words of Wisdom, His barriers and His guidance, His crushing pressure on human self-centeredness!

In the field of love — the harvest is growing of His touches! Flowers bloom and fruits ripen in those souls, in which kindness and wisdom are rooted!

His hurricanes, destroying the unacceptable and unnecessary, are sweeping and afflicting the cliffs of pride and vanity!

And where it is a spiritual desolation — rains of His Grace are not!

Do not indulge in despondency, if it was a heavy touch of His Hands! It has been an indication that emanated from the Supreme Wisdom!

Adoption of the Lessons of God — lets approach to His Heart!

The Omnipresent exhibits His Strength and Power — to the souls that want to cognize in their possible future Divine Perfection and were able to approach this Ideal, removing their vices and increasing in Love, Wisdom, and Power!

* * *

Heart of God and heart of man — can connect!

How great is the Tenderness of the Divine Love — the worthy will cognize!

How great is His Wisdom — the seekers of wisdom will cognize!

How great is His Power — only those, who first gained His Love and His Wisdom, will cognize!

His Power connects with the strength of the human — through the acquisition by the cleansed soul of the Oneness with Him.

One, comprehending life in the Depths, — cognizes that “I” of God and “I” of the One, Who has reached the Perfection, is One!

It is not enough to learn to leave for a time the body and to enter by the soul into the Light. But one needs namely to become the Shining Divine Flame!

And then — the world is no longer divided into the one, who strives to reach the Creator, and One to Whom man had strived to! Because that Man has become the Source: His or Her center coincides now with the Primordial!

So every Perfect may cognize Him in Myself, and Myself — in Him!

Such Divine Man can carry the Divine Flame by the Soul, Which is not separated from the Universal Primordial Fire. It is like a Wave on the Ocean’s surface: it is filled by the Power of the Depths!

* * *

Oh man, you can put everything at their places in your worldview and set right in your life!

Significant then will be revealed!

Useless — will disappear!

Interference — you will get out!

The scope and freedom will come from only bringing your life into harmony with the Divine Laws!

If you will cognize the Love of God as the Manifestation of the Power of God, then you attain the invincible and indestructible Core for your life!

The main quality of God is Love!

Perfect Love is indestructible, eternal, omnipotent, wise!

It is in order to learn it and master it, — you, oh man, had put on the body of flesh and live here!

* * *

When Love and Wisdom sprouted in the soul — you can be immersed in the Depths and obtain Power!

The United Power and the United Will — rule the universe!

The Oneness is the Unity of the Multitude. And Each of this Divine Multitude can use the Power of this Divine Ocean of the Universal Consciousness!

* * *

Become cleansed from prejudices and anger, lust, sloth, selfishness, from everything that transforms a human being into a primitive animal! Become cleansed — and you will see Me — God — in yourself and in everything around!

Anyone who has cognized Me as Love in his or her heart — they can realize also more:

It is I, God, Who gives strength to your body to grow, move, develop!

It is I, God, Who can see the world through the eyes of your body — and you can begin to learn, what namely I see!

It is I, God, Who can hear — within My Great Silence — sounds that you hear. Do you want to know, how I hear?

My Thinking can direct the course of your thoughts. Do you want to learn to think as I do? Do you want to learn from the Source of My infinite Wisdom?

My Love fills the space! And you can connect to this, My Love — or resist it!

You can live in the Ocean of Pure Love, Light, Bliss! But the choice is always yours, oh man! This is called free will!

My Care about each creature can become your care! Let this, your care envelop by love those whom you think about and whom you direct your emotions to! Such care of yours directs you by the Path of Goodness!

* * *

There is a law of conservation of energy, which can be mastered by one who is going to master the whole Path of the Higher Knowledge and Skills:

Each not essential word or act takes off your strength. But every act, agreed with the United We, increases your strength and ability to interact with the Creating Flow!

Haste leads to oversights. Haste does not fit the wise person. But inner peace allows you to make the reasonable decisions.

Those who have cognized the tranquility in the Great Calm — can both instantly see the correct decisions, and say the right words at the right time, and act quickly when it is necessary.

Infinity of the Great Calm of God — let It flow into your body, oh man, if you are willing to let this Calm be in yourself and you are opened up to It completely!

And if you give your mortal flesh for the service to the Will of the Primordial — gradually His Strength and Wisdom will fill thee — who is devoted and faithful!

* * *

For many people, pyramids of Egypt are only ancient symbols of vast remoteness in time… But people still know very little about the nature of time.

I’ll talk on this a little bit.

There is the Eternity of the Divine Existence. And in it, there are certain cycles of life — of stars, planets, souls in bodies.

Time for each such manifestation of life in matter — is terminal.

But the infinity of the life in God has no restrictions!

This infinity of living is gained by souls which have attained the Oneness in the Divine Consciousness.

It is important not to miss the most important in your life!

For this, you need to think about what is the most important: what is the meaning of your life, oh man?

This is the main, and to it should be devoted the best years of your life and the best hours of every day. That is time, when pure and active is the strength of the soul, when the ability of the mind and body is in the best possible state.

In the Will of God is that time when you must leave your body. But you, oh man, have to solve: how to spend the time allotted to you for life in this body.

It is you who dispose of minutes, hours, days and years of your incarnate life! God only reveals to you your opportunities and helps in worthy accomplishments!

Your lifetime in a body is precious for you! Try to imagine that even the next day cannot come to you in this body. And then — see every minute of your life as a precious gift from God!

How often We meet those people who are moving from a world, where they lived in the material bodies, — into a world, where souls wait for a new incarnation, We see how much there is regret: about misspent time, about not committed major acts, about not spoken words of gratitude or repentance, not given love, about your futile anger and cruelty!

There is reason to live so that, when the transition occurs, you do not regret what was not done and do not grieve about the not committed! Then — it will be easy to smile towards what ordinary people call death, and quietly accept the separation from the world of dense matter and soar into the realms of light, where worthy souls are resting before the new births on our planet!

Not for a single life in the body the soul develops to the Divinity, but each incarnation is a new opportunity to get closer to the Perfection!

* * *

You can ask, oh man, how — not yet having developed the ability to hear the Divine Messengers, Teachers and Assistants of humanity — to distinguish between the true and not true in one’s own actions?

Yes, one, who knows the basics of ethical life, — this one understands that the mind initially may distort understanding — because of, including, the imperfections of morality in modern societies of embodied people. But accusations of conscience and the development of the heart love will help in learning the true understanding.

Those guidelines and censures dictated by conscience, are the manifestations of the activity of the best and purest part of the soul.

The man, listening to the voice of conscience and living with a heart full of love — so that there is not that, to reproach oneself for, — very soon acquires the ability to hear and understand the Divine Instructions!

* * *

Why is this: should only happen on a planet some catastrophe, large-scale destruction — and a lot of people begin to think about temporal, Eternal, about the Divine Will, and the “realm of post-mortem”?

Is it really necessary for mankind to destroy exactly so the illusions about the temporal and realize the presence of the eternal values?

The cause of all disasters or wars is not the Divine Will — but those destructive energies that are produced by humanity itself — in the emotions, thoughts and intentions!

Small disasters happen every day for individual people. But many people who live nearby, do not notice, as brothers and sisters become disabled, indigent or lose the social position that they were reaching with huge efforts for all the life… One, who is indifferent to neighbors, do not show compassion, provide no assistance and do not make conclusions for oneself from the seen…

But do not wait for the painful consequences of wrong actions, thoughts, and emotions — to bring the destruction!

One needs to think in advance, what is truly valuable!

It needs, people to understand that, while building a house, they gain — before God — above all, the ability to build, also that, creating a family, they can develop the ability to love, or management of a community can help to gain the ability to take care of. It is namely these skills — to think, to work, to create, to love — are taken with them to the “other world” by a correctly developing soul, leaving the material world. It is because the acquired skills become the qualities of the soul.

Bur if the soul acquires the opposite qualities: such as malice, a desire to suppress, to steal, and so on — it would be very difficult to get rid of these growing into the soul vices!

* * *

The laws of development in the universe are the following: Love, Harmony, Calm, Beauty!

God speaks to you, oh man, by both the beauty of sunrises, and grandeur of the mountains, and the vast oceans, and defenseless small creatures that live in this beauty!

Knowledge of the Earth and the connections of all those, who are embodied on it: connections of each with others and with the multi-dimensionality of the whole planet, with endless life in the universe — all this should zoom people in to an understanding of the Universal Love.

Divine Power of Fire and Light is under every atom of matter, under every cell of bodies of incarnate beings. All that exists is supported by this Original Creating Power!

You must know that the creatures, living here, are associated with you and with the planet — as well as the different parts of your body are connected into a single structure, with which you are sealed by yourself-soul.

Only one, who has got birth in the human body, is able to evolve up to the awareness of oneself-soul in the Unity with the Primordial Light and the Creating Fire. That is the Highest Meaning of your life!

Achieving by a devotee of the Divine State allows him or her to directly experience and understand the Creator’s Love. One can do this by developing in themselves love for all beings.

It is love that opens a wide space in the universe, where the Autocratic Lord is God!

* * *

The soul can learn to dissolve.

It is through the ability to dissolve — the human soul is able to learn how to pour into the Ocean of the Divine Souls!

The dissolution of the soul — it is the disappearance of feeling alone and acquisition of unity. It transfers a state of a separate being — into the United Whole. To cognize this is possible only in love and calm.

Oh man, you can feel yourself not separate — but one, including, with the planet-mother, on which you live and develop!

You can learn to live in a beautiful universe with its stars and distant wondrous worlds that surround your planet! You can feel your connectedness with the development of all living beings on this planet, with its beautiful seas, mountains and forests!

Everything, surrounding you, has been created by the Creator so that your development was the best!

And so — by love! — connect with all the beauty around you!

Favorable attitude towards all beings will allow you to quickly learn how to connect with the Creator Himself, Who loves His children with the Wise Love.

He will teach you not to connect with their imperfections, which they will have to eliminate.

But you should eliminate in yourself all that is not perfect!

* * *

Oh man, you can cognize that — in the finest planes of multidimensionality — under the Creation — all is filled with the Living Divine Light and Fire. This is Creating God Who makes matter and directs the development of souls!

And you must also realize that these Light and Fire are the Unity of Multitude or the Oneness. Those are the Divine Souls Who work for you, oh man, for you to grow and develop!

It is to the Unity with Them, to the dissolving in Their Universal United We — you should make efforts!

That’s where you will find, oh man, Supreme Happiness and Bliss! Joining forever — you will be Divinely Beautiful, Divine, Immortal! And then you will be able to manage deeds of God — for the sake of the common good in the universe!

One, Who has truly mastered the life in dissolving in the Divine Light, One, Who has cognized the True “I” in this Light, — that One will no longer shudder at the storms of the outside world! The Calm of this One will not be shaken by anything, and His Radiant Love will not disappear!

… But if anxiety, anger, sadness, sorrow penetrate the soul — the outside disharmony of the space and coming unwanted events can attack…

But, if the peace of the soul is indestructible and merged with the Divine Peace, — then nothing and no one will be able to harm such Soul! The life of such Zealot is included in the Life of the United We.

And it is directed by non-incarnate Great Souls.

It is worthy — to aspire to a life in Union with the Divine Will! And the Divine Help will be with this One!

But if to turn away from the Divine Guidance — and the experience of life separately will be given to such a soul, then by its thoughts, emotions, deeds is built the fate and this man undergoes to that he or she has prepared for him/herself. And often a person elevates a structure which may collapse… And such food, which harms and poisons, is prepared… All this you can avoid… But the choice — always is yours, oh man!

* * *

It is I, God, Who created you, oh man!

It is I, God, Who wanted to live and develop in you!

That is I gave you the body and helped in the development of your mind, capacity of self-realization!

You, first, must understand that you are not the body or the mind! You are the soul!

Develop yourself! Also take into consideration that the process of development is long.

Everything that you have considered as yourself, oh man, — it is an illusion, which I, God, let you experience to develop your ability to aware yourself!

You grow up through the development of the ability to love, to plan, manage, take care. But “I” that is happy or sad, shows the strength and the will, desires and achieve the desired — is temporary. It was necessary to develop you. But then you can know that there is only one True “I” — Divine “I”!

You can try to cognize your true “I” — in your Union with the Divine Origin.

Truly — there is no other “I” in the universe than “I” of God!

That is I — or, rather, We of all Who have cognized the Unity, — manage everything!

* * *

Everyone, to a certain time, as if he or she wanted this, cannot stop being aware of oneself as a small individual “I”. This one has nothing for the present to replace a natural self-awareness, because he or she had not yet attained self-awareness as God.

No matter how much this one repeats in mind: “I am God!” — it will not help!

If, at this stage, the awareness of oneself individually has disappeared, the other “I”… there would be no… This should not happen!

Just as a baby is designed to develop in a mother’s body the certain time to be viable when born — the Divine self-awareness is growing and forming namely gradually.

Love for God, and constant interaction with Him allow it to happen faster. There is a birth in the Abode of the Primordial. And then must be — the growth and maturation in this new state.

… Only having acquired the ability to live as a soul free from matter and having cognized how to merge in love with the Divine Consciousness — then such one gradually realizes the identity of the best in oneself-soul — with God.

That’s when one can already start to move completely and forever into the Home of God.

But such resettlement takes some time. Sometimes it takes several incarnations of the soul.

Often, only that one who has more than once in a series of successful incarnations been aware of oneself — in God, and God — in oneself, that one can accustom oneself to the Divine Life in the Oneness of All Attained.

* * *

Imperfect human desires lead to imperfect results. Imperfect desires only for a short time bring satisfaction due to their implementation, and then new, similar desires grow…

But perfect desires and intentions are born from the Universal Divine Love.

By becoming One with God, such Man reaches the perfection of His or Her motives, intentions and the will to implement them.

But anyone who uses the power of the soul for the pleasures of the self — he or she gets the temporary result in his or her temporal existence in the material world.

But that, which can be nurtured and not be destroyed with the death of the body, — those are the acquired Divine Qualities and Divine Strength of the soul.

The best states of a soul are Love-Care, Subtlety, Bliss, Tenderness. They are stored in the Underlying Treasury, which allow a person to eventually find the Unity with the Divine Consciousness. Here the Divine Potential of the soul matures and accumulates. Then, at the time, man can aware this Energy and lead It through the body and identify with It.*

… Thus, awareness of oneself as a separate individual “I” is useful for the growth and development of the soul. It allows one to learn to act, to think, to love. Gradually, however, it must give way to the Divine “I”.

The temporary individual human self-awareness is like a bud, which has to be formed, and then the Divine Flower of Immortality of the Soul will grow.

It can be formulated also in other words: the main purpose of a temporary “I” consists in letting a soul grow, develop, and then… to realize its own minority, its predestination only to be a transitional stage to the Supreme “I”, to “I” of God, to “I” Ecumenical!

Only by having nurtured up to the Perfection your love, strength, and the ability to self-awareness — you, oh man, can realize yourself as Me-God!

First, such state lasts for a short while, but, with time, — forever.

You can become Me! Or, what is the same, — to become the One Universal Divine We!

By fully realizing and manifesting God’s “I”, the Soul thus discards the last old “shell” of a separate existence.

* * *

I promised to tell you about the Golden Tablets.

You, perhaps, expect that I will tell you the words that have been cast in gold on special bars, hidden in a secret place.

Yes, there were once such gold plates. There were also many other tablets, papyri, stone slabs, granite walls, on which were engraved the words of God. These material media, for the most part, did not live up to the present days. Only a very small part of them is known to people. There are other similar records that are buried in the deserts or on the ocean floor. Some of the information, which is on them, is in the words that I told you.

But not this is the main thing.

Admit that the matter is not eternal.

But the Truth of the Essence of God and man’s Path to God are eternal!

This Knowledge can be found in the inner chambers of the soul, that is, in the sanctuary of the spiritual heart, filled with silence. This is a place of Love, in which God and man can talk.

There — God can be always!

There — the sacred words will be heard in the language in which a person thinks and speaks! There — the answers may be heard, if a human soul asks questions to God!

This is — the entrance into the Treasury of Indestructible Knowledge of the entire universe! This knowledge may be received by a soul from the Divine Souls!

As far as the growth of purity, love, wisdom, and self-awareness of the soul — any such Knowledge may be disclosed to it by the Divine Teachers!

* * *

Now in front of you, oh man, I will reveal the secrets of the Great Pyramids.

Pyramid is a symbol of God Who has gone out from His Original Dimension, which is located in the sheer Depth, under His Creation.

A person can build his or her own such Pyramid, connecting body with the Primordial Ocean of the Creator — and reveal the Divine “I” in him\herself and in his\her body.

But why — a pyramid?

Limited before by a material shell, the soul can cognize — by the shape of a pyramid — the immensity of the Divine Fire and strengthen the stability of the consubstantiality with It.

One, who learns to live in such a way in the House of God, — easily finds Oneness.

And then a form — already does not matter: there is only the Divine Ocean outside and inside the body…

So, oh man, you can build such your own Pyramid!

This will be your entry into the Ocean of the Creator and also the place for your coming out from this Ocean to incarnate people!

This will be your Eternal Part in the Divine United We!

… In the whole universe, His Omnipotence has no limits!

Each the Attained, Who entered into a permanent Union with the universal Creator, acquires a possibility to get the Knowledge on how the Great Creating Force operates and how It exists.

Each, who has got such Unity, attains the ability to apply this Great Power to facilitate the Process of Evolution. This Person directs the Divine Power into the world of the Creation — through Oneself.

* * *

Not many people see and realize how beautiful is the world around, how perfect everything is arranged on the planet!

Look, oh man: walking on the Earth’s surface, you can embrace with love any open spaces — meadows, forests, mountains, valleys, seas… You are walking along these wonderful expanses — and under your feet is the wondrous planet!

It is one of many in the universe. And yet it is — your planet! It gave you a wonderful opportunity to live, grow, and develop!

And then — there must be one more small step in the awareness of your existence: everything here is created by the Creator and is permeated by His continuous Gaze!

God — the Creator of the universe — is always here!

He is closer than the sky!

He is inside and outside — in relation to your body!

He has given you a great chance: to develop, grow, and eventually become Him, having joined in His Infinite Existence!

The “Veil”, which separates you from the Creator, may be perceived like just very thin transparent pellicle.

When you will feel by your love your Creator as the Only Source of Higher Love, Wisdom, Power, and also the Reason of the existence of everyone and everything — then you will easily feel His Answering Love!

When Love on both sides of the “Veil” becomes identical, the singularity disappears — and the person perceives oneself — in God, and God — in oneself!

Namely for this, the Creation has been made! And in this — the meaning of your life, oh man!

Having found this Unity, you merge into One with Love, Wisdom, and Power of the Creator of all!

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